Issgesund - healthy eating - seasonal, regional, healthy food!

Sustainability is a popular word. We can set accents here, especially in daily nutrition. Currently, we are used to having all food available at all times, but in nature it looks different. Every fruit and vegetable has its season. We at Issgesund would like to bring this seasonality closer to you, show you when which fruits and vegetables are harvested in our region and what great things you can make out of them. In this way we not only do something for our environment, but also create a healthy diet. Healthy eating - this is how good food goes!

Healthy eating, starts with the right ingredients and the right recipes! But not only that, also the knowledge about the ingredients, when which fruit, which vegetables and which salad is harvested is important. So they can choose seasonal recipes and cook with fruit and vegetables that do not have long transport routes and come from the region. Maybe they also want to dry the fruit so that they can enjoy it out of season. Even if you have a desire for exotic fruits, you will find information about exotic fruits and what juices you can make from them. But you will not only find meatless recipes here, sometimes it can also be meat or fish. We show you how to get your roast pork really crispy, what you have to consider when roasting beef and how to prepare a T-bone steak properly. Or what you have to pay attention to with a typical Austrian goulash. When baking bread, there is a lot to consider, we have the most important tips for baking bread with the bread baking machine, which flour they use best, how the sourdough works and matching nutritional tips such as information about good and bad carbohydrates. You will also find a test to see if the egg is still fresh, information about high-fiber foods or what they do best for gastrointestinal problems. Have fun eating healthy food.